Same-Day DenturesImmediate dentures are available immediately following tooth extraction.Our dentists consult with the patient before extraction to determine the desired appearance of the dentures. Impressions are taken, and one of our team members will offer information on the tooth extraction process and how to care for new dentures. Our in-house dental lab will then fabricate the dentures, which will be delivered and fitted later that afternoon after extractions have been performed.

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are for patients who have already had their teeth removed. Impressions are taken, and the dentures are fabricated in our in-house lab. In just a few hours,they can be tried for an initial fitting, and the complete denture set is ready later in the afternoon. Patients are free to relax in the office while waiting, or they may leave and return when the dentures are ready. The process can also be split over several days if desired, in order to better fit a patient’s schedule.

Partial Dentures (resin base) 

Partial dentures are perfect for those patients who are seeking to replace one or more missing teeth. As with all our dentures, same day service is available with impressions being taken early in the day.Seating of the denture takes place later in the day following the fabrication of the dentures in our in-house dental lab.

Nylon Flexible Partials

Nylon Flexible Partials are available for patients who would like to replace one or more missing teeth without receiving major restorative work. Nylon is a strong and flexible partial denture material. Nylon partials are removable and are tailored carefully to the conditions that take place in the mouth. They are also very comfortable and have a tight fit.

Cast Metal Partial

Cast metal partials are made of a metal base and have a complex design that is carefully adapted to the flexible environment of the mouth. Because cast metal partials are fabricated at a specialized lab, they take longer to make, and seating usually takes place within two weeks of taking the initial impressions.

Conscious Sedation

Going to the dentist can cause anxiety for some people. Because of this, Parkway Dental in Helper provides the option of sedation dentistry. This allows the patient to relax and receive treatment while under sedation. This practice is very safe, and sedation is achieved through the combined use of nitrous oxide and oral medication. Patients are never left alone while sedated, and vital signs are continually monitored. Laughing gas is always provided to our patients at no charge.

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