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Teeth Whitening

Dr. Arthur | Parkway Dental | Helper, UT Dentist
Today’s teeth whitening treatments are so easy, convenient, and affordable they’ve become a regular part of many people’s beauty routine. If you haven’t tried one yet, you’ll be happy to know that you have plenty of choices.

For the fastest, most dramatic results, consider our in-office Boost! whitening system. In-office whitening treatment sessions take just one hour, and are a good option if results are desired as quickly as possible. Boost! whitening sessions are priced at $109 per arch.

If you’re the do-it-yourself type, an at-home whitening kit may be right for you. We can provide you with a professional grade teeth whitening kit that will produce excellent results over a longer period of time.All-in-one disposable tray bleaching kits may be purchased for $85.

For patients with custom trays, refill kits of whitening gel are available for $30.

We can fabricate custom trays for you at a price of $100.