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About Our Dental Office in helper utPatients who come to Parkway Dental in Helper notice that we do things a little differently than other offices. Here are some qualities that set us apart from the next dental office, and why our patients choose us for their dental care.


Patients sometimes wonder if we must be cutting corners to offer the prices that we do. We often get asked why we charge so much less than their old dentist. Our response is simple. Investing in things like our same-day denture and crown lab, digital x-ray equipment, well-trained dental team, digital charts and scheduling, eight operatories and a denture center helps us to be more efficient at providing quality dental care. Our higher level of efficiency saves us money and allows us to pass those savings on to you. No corners are cut, and we use the best materials, equipment, and sterilization techniques.


We are the only office in our area that offers same-day dentures, partials, and crowns. Typically, these types of services take at least a couple of weeks and multiple visits. Our highly trained dental technicians will ensure your denture, partial, or crown fits and feels great.

Our facility has been designed with patient convenience and comfort in mind. Many patients travel hundreds of miles for services that take a large portion of the day, and they often have spouses or children with them.We provide a comfortable reception area with soft couches, cable television, magazines, and filtered water.

With our ample operatory space and highly trained personnel, we are able to provide a high volume of dental care every day. As a result, we can usually accommodate appointments based on our patients’ schedules rather than on ours. Our highly trained front office team gives us the ability to handle a large number of incoming calls and provides accurate information about services and pricing.


At Parkway Dental, we believe that customer service is just as important as the quality of the dental work you receive. When you spend your hard-earned money at a nice restaurant, you expect not only a good meal, but a high level of customer service. We feel the same thing applies when going to the dentist. You should expect not only great dental work, but also exceptional customer service when spending your hard-earned money at the dentist.

Our office is positive and up-beat. It is a place where patients see a lot of smiling and laughing, as well as careful attention to their needs. We realize that even though our dentists are very gentle, having fingers and instruments in your mouth is not always a fun experience, even in the best situations. This is why we feel it is important to make all of the other aspects of your office visit as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. Checking you in and out as quickly as possible, assessing your comfort level throughout your procedure, offering laughing gas as a free service, providing easy appointment reminders, and thanking you for choosing us every time you come in, are just a few of the ways Parkway Dental makes sure your experience is the best it can be.


At Parkway Dental, we have set a standard of excellence for ourselves in order to provide the high quality services that our patients have come to expect and deserve. Should a dental emergency take place, our doctors will make every effort to see and care for you as soon as possible.


We are dedicated to providing our patients with the safest dental procedures possible.Our training allows us to offer a range of anesthetic options, including local anesthesia, nitrous oxide gas, and conscious oral sedation.

A thorough analysis of your health history and any medications you are currently taking is necessary to make sure that we can safely deliver the best anesthetic for you.


We want you to be confident in our expertise as we perform your dental procedures.As your dental experts, we pride ourselves in providing the best services. Dr. Arthur and our amazing team of registered dental hygienists keep their dental education current and are certified and qualified to perform all of the procedures we offer. Our combined training and experience help to make us the best dental practice in Utah.